Não é para todos

O artigo sobre o Benfica foi o mais lido no Wall Street Journal Europe.

You can only imagine what the party will be like when the crown does return to the club’s Estadio do Luz for the first time since 2005. Benfica is far and away the country’s best-supported club, and has more than 200,000 fans worldwide who pay around $210 a year for the privilege of calling themselves “socios” or club members. According to club officials, no team in the world has more paid-up members. And, for a relatively small nation like Portugal, its fan diaspora stretches all over the world. “Casa do Benfica” (“House of Benfica”) fan clubs can be found in places as diverse as Johannesburg, South Africa; San Jose, California; Luanda, Angola; and Sydney, Australia.(…)

With the league all but wrapped up, Benfica can now focus on European competition. On Thursday it takes on Liverpool in the quarterfinals of the Europa League. Benfica’s legion of fans are once again dreaming, harking back to the early 1960s and the days of Eusebio and Mario Coluna, when the club twice won the European Cup.

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