Portugal, Canadá e o Conselho de Segurança

Peter Worthington acerca das razões que levaram à exclusão do Canadá do Conselho de Segurança da ONU

So why did Canada lose?

Surely, it makes no sense to put Germany and Portugal on the Security Council – making four European countries represented. Besides, Portugal is a near-economic basket case, threatened with bankruptcy.

The truth is, Canada’s vigorous, unqualified support for Israel under Harper, worked against us at the UN, which regularly condemns Israel for policies it ignores in other countries.

No accusation against Israel is too extreme not to get a hearing at the UN.

Also, Harper’s government has been critical of some African countries, and we have tried to tighten aid programs that have run amok. Although the Security Council vote was secret, member states traditionally lie about for whom they’ll vote. Clearly, there was some getting even at Canada for whatever reason.

Good. Let Portugal now provide aid and soldiers when needed by the UN.

(via Nuno Gouveia)

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