Somos os primeiros!

Mais uma “obra” memorável do governo de José Sócrates.

The euro zone’s overall budget gap fell last year but deficits in Greece and Portugal were higher than expected, underlining the challenges presented by their austerity programs.(…)Greece and Portugal were the biggest disappointments, with their budget shortfalls higher than government estimates. Eurostat said Greece cut its budget gap to 10.5 percent of GDP from 15.4 percent in 2009. The European Commission and Athens had estimated the deficit at 9.6 percent. Greek public debt rocketed to 142.8 percent of GDP, from 127.1 percent in 2009.(…)Eurostat said that Portugal’s budget deficit was 9.1 percent of GDP last year, rather than the 8.6 percent forecast by the government. The final 2010 budget balance is also well above the initial Portuguese target of 7.3 percent of GDP. “Today’s figures have reduced the chances for Portugal to in fact limit its 2011 deficit to 4.6 percent of GDP,” Solveen said. “Further austerity measures and tax hikes will be necessary – something the IMF and the EU will likely also demand in turn for their financial support,” he said.

Parece que a mesme crise (segundo a teoria socrática) está a afectar as economias de forma desigual e há quem esteja a fazer bem melhor que nós.

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