A Primavera da Irmandade Muçulmana

Mshari al-Zaydi, editor do Al-Sharq al-Awsat citado por Barry Rubin

“I recall how many Arab writers at the beginning of this year…prophesied that what we were witnessing were uprisings staged by non-political civilians and youth, and claimed that not a single radical or ideological slogan was chanted in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, or any other Arab public square.(…) “Now, these same well-intentioned writers – or at least many of them–have returned to warn against the Arab Spring being hijacked and despoiled. They have expressed their confusion about the presence and popularity of these radical Islamists who are overwhelming the political scene, and are asking: where did the Facebook youth go?(…)

“Rather than expressing shock and surprise, the question that should be asked is: how should we deal with this critical period which should be called the Muslim Brotherhood Spring, not the Arab Spring?”

The Western establishment pretends to be “pro-Arab” and “pro-Muslim” while subjecting these peoples to a terrible tyranny and decades of socio-economic stagnation and terrible bloodshed.

As I have repeatedly explained, understanding these issues is not based on being liberal or conservative, left or right, Jew or Muslim, American or Saudi. The struggle is between revolutionary Islamists who want to impose a repressive Sharia state and those Western useful idiots who help them against everyone else.  

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