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Uma critica capitalista ao FMI

Como escreve Arnold Kling, a crítica não supreende mas é sintomático que esteja a sair dos meios libertários e seja partilhada por economistas mainstream como Amar Bhide e Edmund Phelps (Nobel da Economia em 2006): More Harm Than Good – How the IMF’s business model sabotages properly functioning capitalism.

“The Greek debacle and the North African drama raise existential questions about the IMF. Responsible governments have no business borrowing vast sums from abroad, rather than from domestic sources. That’s what tinpot regimes do. And lending even more to borrowers who can’t pay what they already owe? That’s what loan sharks and mafiosi do.

The IMF’s business model sabotages properly functioning capitalism, victimizing ordinary people while benefiting the elites. Do we need international agencies to enable irresponsible—verging on immoral—borrowing and lending? Instead of dreaming up too-clever-by-half schemes to stumble through crises after they happen, why not just stop imprudent banks from accommodating foreign borrowing by feckless governments? After all, it’s French and German taxpayers who are on the hook—not just the Greeks and the Irish.”