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Uma vitória da liberdade

O deputado holandês Geert Wilders foi ontem absolvido no processo o acusava de incitamento ao “ódio racial” (pelos vistos o islamismo já deixou der ser apenas uma religião). Apesar de não ter terem provado a prático do crime que o acusavam os juízes decidiram advertir severamente Wilders. Há verdades que não podem ser ditas em público.

A reler: “Geert Wilders is on trial for us all” no Archbishop Cranmer.

Uma (meia) vitória da liberdade de expressão

Na passada Sexta-Feira, o ministério público holandês concordou em retirar as queixas de incitamente ao ódio e discriminação que pendiam contra o deputado Geert Wilders. No entanto, esta decisão terá de ser ainda confirmada pelo juíz que ainda o poderá condenar a uma pena de prisão ou ao pagamento de um multa. A liberdade de expressão continua em julgamento na Holanda.

I’m Geert Wilders

“Geert Wilders is on trial for us all” no Archbishop Cranmer.

When a politician sounds the trumpet to warn a continent of the incursion of an antithetical ideology and an oppressive power, it is ironic indeed that he should be silenced not by that alien ideology or foreign power, but by the very agencies of government he seeks to guard and of which he is part.

It is not speech itself we stand to lose, but the freedom to articulate in our speech those thoughts or expressions which others might find offensive, whether or not any offence was intended.

If he loses, Geert Wilders faces a little impoverishment and a few years imprisonment.

But if he loses, Western civilisation itself will be impoverished as we are all confined by the diminution of our liberty.

One may not agree with an awful lot of what Mr Wilders says, but putting him on trial in order to silence and censor is no substitute for free debate and discussion. He has beliefs and opinions; he is entitled to them. He expresses thoughts and ideas; he should be free to do so, as long as he does not engage in violence or incitement.

If one can no longer be of the opinion that Islam is a backward religion, or that Mohammad was a criminal, or if one may not defame the Qur’an by placing it on the bottom shelf of a public library, or purchase meat which is not halal, or draw cartoons of the Prophet or put him on television, film or stage without being threatened or brutally murdered, then one is probably living in an Islamic country.

Geert Wilders is defending the liberties of us all.

Geert Wilders (2)

Jorge Costa em 21/01/10

Se ele for julgado culpado, capitulámos, todos, e a liberdade perdeu. A grande diferença entre ele e os outros, o comum dos mortais na Europa – quando não são realmente xenófobos, o que não é o caso dele -, é que ele, em nome da minha liberdade, comprometeu a dele para o resto da vida, qualquer que seja o resultado do julgamento. Se sobre isso vier a ser punido, estamos falados.

Geert Wilders

e parte 2

Geert Wilders começa hoje a ser julgado pelas acusações de “incitamento ao ódio racial [!!!] e discriminação de muçulmanos“. Adormecidas pelo politicamente correcto e pelo multiculturalismo, as democracias ocidentais desistiram de lidar com as verdadeiras ameaças à liberdade preferindo restringir a liberdade de expressão para tentar aplacar a ira dos islamitas.

Partij voor de Vrijheid

The Party for Freedom combines economic liberalism with a conservative programme towards immigration and culture. The party seeks tax cuts (€16 billion in the 2006 election programme), de-centralization, abolition of the minimum wage, and limiting child benefits and government subsidies. Regarding immigration and culture, the party believes that the Judeo-Christian and humanist traditions should be treated as the dominant culture in the Netherlands, and that immigrants should adapt accordingly. The party wants a halt to immigration from non-western countries. It is skeptical towards the EU, is against future EU enlargement with countries like Turkey and opposes a dominant presence of Islam in the Netherlands. The party is also opposed to dual citizenship

Fonte: Wikipedia

Geert Wilders on Islam

Go Geert!

The efforts to shut Wilders up — prosecuting him for hate speech, banning him from traveling, not to mention the numerous death threats he’s received — have clearly not worked. Wilders has only used them to his advantage portraying himself as a free-speech martyr. As odious as opponents may find his views, Wilders clearly has a growing constituency and mainstream Dutch politicians are going to have to find a way to defeat his arguments in the cout of public opinion, rather than criminal courts. He’s not just a sideshow anymore.