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Uma vitória da liberdade

O deputado holandês Geert Wilders foi ontem absolvido no processo o acusava de incitamento ao “ódio racial” (pelos vistos o islamismo já deixou der ser apenas uma religião). Apesar de não ter terem provado a prático do crime que o acusavam os juízes decidiram advertir severamente Wilders. Há verdades que não podem ser ditas em público.

A reler: “Geert Wilders is on trial for us all” no Archbishop Cranmer.

Partij voor de Vrijheid

The Party for Freedom combines economic liberalism with a conservative programme towards immigration and culture. The party seeks tax cuts (€16 billion in the 2006 election programme), de-centralization, abolition of the minimum wage, and limiting child benefits and government subsidies. Regarding immigration and culture, the party believes that the Judeo-Christian and humanist traditions should be treated as the dominant culture in the Netherlands, and that immigrants should adapt accordingly. The party wants a halt to immigration from non-western countries. It is skeptical towards the EU, is against future EU enlargement with countries like Turkey and opposes a dominant presence of Islam in the Netherlands. The party is also opposed to dual citizenship

Fonte: Wikipedia

Go Geert!

The efforts to shut Wilders up — prosecuting him for hate speech, banning him from traveling, not to mention the numerous death threats he’s received — have clearly not worked. Wilders has only used them to his advantage portraying himself as a free-speech martyr. As odious as opponents may find his views, Wilders clearly has a growing constituency and mainstream Dutch politicians are going to have to find a way to defeat his arguments in the cout of public opinion, rather than criminal courts. He’s not just a sideshow anymore.