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Morte aos ricos!

Esta jornalista descobriu que Mitt Romney é rico e não gosta de pagar impostos. Dois pecados mortais para qualquer estatista. Estimo que não lhe entregará o seu voto.

Vai uma apostinha?

Os jornalistas portugueses e Mário Soares não vão votar em Mitt Romney. Se A Capital ainda existisse aposto que também não o apoiava.

Can Romney Lead the Fight against ObamaCare?

David Boaz

Conservatives have campaigned for more than a year against the Obama health care bill, with its mandate, subsidies, and insurance regulations. Now they are backing “Repeal It!” efforts and lawsuits to have it declared unconstitutional. Yet such conservative leaders as Rush Limbaugh and the editors of National Review endorsed Mitt Romney, the man who wrote the prototype for ObamaCare, in 2008. Romney is leading Republican polls for the 2012 nomination. Romney just won the straw poll at the Southern Republican Leadership Council (with only 24 percent, to be sure, and just 1 vote ahead of Rep. Ron Paul). Can the Republican effort to defeat President Obama and repeal ObamaCare really be led by the first American political leader to impose a health care mandate on citizens?